All of the causes, symptoms, and treatment of peyronie's disease

A common occurrence among men 40 years of age and in older men peyronie's disease, and the treatment of the diseases of the natural ingredients – a definite plus for the safety of men's health.

Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's disease is a common symptom of fibroid tumors of the proteins of the muscles and connective tissue. In the treatment of peyronie's disease folk remedy, which takes a longer period of time, such as a surgical operation or treatment with medicine.

Timely diagnosis and therapy, under the supervision of a physician, which gives the possibility to avoid surgery, and get rid of the disease with the help of ultrasonic manipulation, and traditional medicine.

The cause of the disease

Peyronie's disease can occur in men of any age, it causes a few as the treatments, depending on the extent of the damage to the penis. One of the common causes of damage is careless of the sexual life of the people, especially the young men, who were under the influence of alcohol. There are a number of other reasons that increase the risk of the disease, and these include the following:

  • penile trauma (fracture, trauma). Natural materials are brought together, which has led to the formation of subcutaneous plate and the scar tissue;
  • the curvature of the penis.

The Penis may be bent as:

  • there is a genetic predisposition or a congenital pathology;
  • fast, uncontrollable movements during sexual intercourse;
  • psychological and emotional disorders in the country, the effects of stress;
  • the changes associated with increasing age, the reduced elasticity of tissue;
  • auto-immune diseases.
  • a side effect of certain medications;
  • the smaller and the greater the damage to the penis.

The signs and symptoms of the disease

The seal of the penis, which can be felt by self-palpation, and in some cases, however, it is possible to understand visually. The symptoms of Peyronie disease, which include the following:

  • discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse;
  • disorders of the potency (erectile dysfunction);
  • the curvature of the penis, which, in a state of excitement.

The complications of the disease

The associated complications, which include:

  • the increased stress and the development of psychological complexes;
  • the aggressive outbursts of a sexual activity;
  • disruption of the hormonal and impotence.
The treatment of penile curvature

Important! Advice for men with peyronie's disease does not andrologists, and urologists. Treatment of folk remedies are an effective and proven method, but the diagnosis of the disease, and it is called the quality of treatment can only a doctor.

Treatment with traditional medicine

The root of the burdock, chestnut, oregano, sage has its own distinctive features. Constituent substances are taken of the education of the inside of the penis, and the speaker is in a healthy position.

A decoction of horse chestnut trees

For the preparation of a prescription, you will need 400-500 g of ripe brown nuts, pre-washed and well-dried. The nuts are crushed, and, consequently, the mass is spread for drying in the sun. Often we use the oven to speed up the process. The dried mixture is diluted with water to 1:10.

The resulting liquid is boiled and then heated in a closed lid for about 20 minutes. Cooled decoction is filtered and drink daily about 250 ml, for 3 months.

The therapeutic agent prevents the development of the plexus of the testicle in men, and also help you to cure-varicocele— with the traditional methods, without the need for surgery.

Important! The use of a folk remedy for the treatment, it is important to remember that some of the components, and, in some cases, it can cause an allergic reaction.

A tincture of the herb

The same proportions of 10 g of each of the herbs, the preparation of a mixture of primrose, oregano, burdock root, lnjanka, the pharmacy sage leaves pour 1 liter of boiling water and cook for about 10 minutes. Stick, soup night, strain and take 1/2 Cup three times a day. The recommended course of therapy is from 2 to 4 weeks.

Therapeutic massage

To effectively alleviate the symptoms of the disease a daily 15-minute massage of your penis prior to going to bed. For massage, use this cream with the essential oils of thyme (10 drops) and tea tree (5 drops).

Did you know that? Massage with medicated oil not only improves blood circulation but also help break up the plaque. Men with Peyronie disease is often too limited and emotionally. Massage is to promote relaxation and to normalize the male sex drive.


Baths with sage

Before: in the gaza strip of the bag, and put 450g of the pharmacy sage. In handy for a volume of 8 liters of hot water, throw sage and infuse for about 10 minutes. The prepared herbal infusion added to the bath, to put it in and the grass eating a meal. The temperature of the water is adjustable depending on the temperature of the body of the patient. The bath should preferably be taken half an hour before going to bed. Sage has been known since ancient times for its medicinal properties, it is used for the prevention and treatment of infertility in men in your home. It is an integral part of the national collection of herbs on the treatment and, thus, an extended illness, how easily the seed of the emission of the male.

Cream of dried leeches

For cooking and medicinal creams, you will need the following: a heparin ointment (15 g), the solution of Dimexidum (3 tbsp), dried leeches (40 to 50 g), melted honey (150 g). The compound ingredients are mixed to a creamy ointment. It is used in the area of the curve of the penis. The process is carried out prior to going to bed, the wrapping paper, to wrap the penis at night as the cream of the long soaks. The course of treatment is 4 to 6 weeks.

Brown rice syrup

100 g of sugar is dissolved in 200 ml of water, heating to a temperature of 70°C. the sugar syrup is added to 40 g of brown rice and let it boil. The prepared syrup, wrapped tightly with a towel, and stick around for 3 hours. Use after meals 1 time per day. After 20 days of treatment would be a week break, then repeat the process if necessary.

Brown rice syrup

Did you know that? Brown rice contains large amounts of tocopherol, which eliminates the excessive accumulation of body potassium. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant, is the main fighter against fatigue and anemia.

The nut mix

A mixture is prepared from equal proportions of 20 grams of each of the following. The ground up to be part of a total of: hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, peanuts (raw), sunflower seeds (roasted). Then add the honey (150 g) of corn oil (3 tablespoons) wheat germ (1 tsp). We recommend that, in 2 weeks, of course, again, with a break of 7 days between cycles.

Useful information

The treatment of peyronie's disease in the home is perfectly complemented by a regulatory complex of the treatment with the medicaments and methods.

Recommendations for a quick recovery

  1. In order to avoid the risk of new injuries and the damage to the body.
  2. Adhere to the everyday rules of hygiene, the use of special tools.
  3. It would have to be in order to avoid long in the bent position of the body, often in the context of a sexual relationship.
  4. If you want to add to the nutrition of the resource-tocopherol (vitamin E): beans, maize (corn), soybeans, green peas, vegetable oil, herbs (celery, parsley), wheat.
  5. It is recommended not to be under the hot sun to prevent sunburn.
  6. If you want to restrict calcium-containing foods.