Pictures of phimosis: in danger and does not threaten the status of the

Very often to the urologist and andrologist contact of the young men, who appealed to the narrowness of the foreskin and coming from in difficulty — pain during sexual intercourse, the low sensitivity of the glans penis, the inability of denudation for personal hygiene and so on.

All in connection with the narrowing of foreskin called phimosis.


Men who have similar symptoms after puberty can live with a pathological phimosis all his life, without recourse to a doctor. This applies especially for people with not a specific disease. However, not all things that are "acceptable".

There are different degrees of phimosis. All four of them. And if in the first instance, cannot be treated, but preventive measures so that the disease has advanced, the following three levels physicians are advised to treat immediately.

Treatment for phimosis is carried out in several ways. This can be:

  • The operation of the trimming (not the one technique of managing circumcisio);
  • Laser treatment of phimosis;
  • Stretching of the foreskin folk remedies, special devices, manual equipment, ointments).

Phimosis in boys has a slightly different position. Parents bring their children to doctors for review, it is worrying that there may be some deviations from the normal development.

There is nothing to worry about, if the child has developed complications in the form of scarring phimosis, or paraphimosis balanite, which are the subject of processing, and paraphimosis requires immediate action on the part of the surgeons.

If all goes well, then you just need to monitor the hygiene of the child, to teach him to self-carefully clean the glans in a time when it already has the ability to be naked.

Phimosis is normal for children up to 10 years and shall not be processed unless there is a reason. However, the children performed the operation. Trimming is the absolute prevention of phimosis, and it can also save the penis from these serious complications, such as paraphimosis.

Below will be presented and described different pictures of phimosis that you have an idea of what it is, how does one or another degree, the type or form of the described diseases.

Phimosis boys in

Phimosis boys in

A newborn boy with congenital phimosis is completely normal. The head and the foreskin are associated with a film that age should begin to separate from the lining, which gives it the ability to pull back the prepuce and expose the head.

In this age, to open up the head of the child impossible. So, do not attempt to do by force, otherwise can lead to damage and subsequent complications.

Physiological phimosis, the boy in 4 years with normal development - the head is still not fully open.

Cicatricial phimosis in a child. At the tip of the foreskin there is a small healed scars, which is not a good sign. If the guy that is allocated to the capillaries and out of the tension of the foreskin, then it is best to be examined by a doctor.

The degree of phimosis (stage)

In the first instance phimosis: it is possible to denude the glans penis and erectum and in a peaceful state, but in a state of excitement, which is achieved with a problem.

During sexual intercourse may experience pain, discomfort, bleeding, rapid onset of an orgasm too long to orgasm.

In the second stage of phimosis: head naked in the peaceful state. In a state of excitement of the second stage pull back the foreskin obtained only partially.

The third degree of phimosis: the head with the part from the bare in a peaceful state, and erectum does not open at all.

Fourth degree: it is impossible to expose the head, nor at rest, nor in a state of erection.

Started fourth degree of phimosis: the hole at the end of the foreskin is so small that the person becomes difficult to go to the toilet. If in such a situation and it is possible to sex, then most likely it will only cause suffering.

If the prepuce have not yet fused adhesions with the mucosa of the glans, when urinating, the entire circumference of the foreskin will swell from the pressure of the incoming urine and gradually exit through a small hole. The same will happen with sperm. This gives pain and makes personal hygiene, no.

Complex condition with phimosis

Cicatricial phimosis in men. In foreskin on the end has a lot of scars due to injury. Scars gradually reduce the area of the skin, "allocated" on the nature of the prepuce. This leads to the progression of the disease.

Paraphimosis — there is no other, as infringement of the glans to the foreskin. The complication, which most often occurs in men with second or third degree of phimosis.

Scarring phimosis

Forms of phimosis

Atrophic phimosis. Due to a lack of the skin. Most often, the scars that arise with this form of phimosis.

Hypertrophic phimosis in an adult male. This situation is characterized by the presence of a surplus of the leather fabric of the foreskin. However, this does not mean that wide leather ring reaches the desired size.

The treatment of a disease

  • Method dorsal slit.
  • Method of circular resection.
  • Laser dissection a short frenulum of the penis and removal of a Hyper-trophic of phimosis in men.
  • Laser removal of foreskin.

It should be noted that the degree of phimosis, difficult or not at all — should be systematically reviewed with the physician urologist or andrologist for preventive purposes. Easier to avoid disease than to cure it.